geocgi Approved as an ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner

Published: October 29, 2019

geocgi is excited to announce that we have recently been approved as an ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner. ArcGIS Indoors is a new product released earlier this year from Esri. ArcGIS Indoors enables organizations through a common operating picture of indoors built environments to track assets in real time and provide accurate navigation and way-finding through the integration of Indoors Positioning Systems (IPS). ArcGIS Indoors enhances organizational collaboration and communication by connecting people to the spaces they work and operation within.ArcGIS Indoors

We were approved as an ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner because of our demonstrated experience in automated floorplan data collection, cloud-based ArcGIS Enterprise implementation, and IPS configuration. As an established and geospatially focused technology firm, we can help organizations better understand how to efficiently collect, clean, and manage complex indoors data, while employing best practices for enterprise and web GIS. More recently, we have added IPS setup and management to our growing list of capabilities. Whether through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, or Wi-Fi based positioning, we can configure any environment to provide the rich and contextual location information needed to assist people in their operational environment.ArcGIS Indoors

geocgi has been an Esri business partner since our inception in 2006, and we are thrilled to add ArcGIS Indoors to our already impressive list of awards and specialty designations from Esri, including the 2019 Collaboration Partner – Esri Federal Small Business Specialty Award, ArcGIS Online Specialty, Release Ready Specialty, and the Federal Small Business Specialty. If you would like to know more about our work with ArcGIS Indoors please contact us at