geocgi utilizes NATO MS Azure Environment

Published: September 14, 2022

geocgi engineers are leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud-based environments for more reliable data dissemination and development of innovative solutions. 

geocgi’s cloud-based data dissemination solution reduces the time required to provide geospatial data to stakeholders. Previously, data was distributed on physical hard drives (HDDs) through private and public courier services. This traditional process would take an average of two (2) weeks to download data, mail the HDD, scan for viruses, and upload it. The drives could also be lost or damaged during transport. The new data dissemination service leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and a tool called Storage Explorer; The Azure-based data dissemination solution can be configured and secured to support specific users as needed, protecting valuable data using encryption technology. This solution removes issues and delays with physical courier services while ensuring exercise data is safe and protected. 

geocgi’s Azure cloud-based development environment houses an esri Portal deployment which mimics the Joint Warfare Centre’s unique environment. Using this cloud environment, geocgi engineers can test new solutions remotely and without disrupting the production environment. This development environment has already been utilized to create a new database and several new tools that can be ported over to the production environment with few modifications and limited interruption to workflows. 

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