Heartland Co-op Dispatch Application

Published: January 26, 2021

Geocgi engineers recently developed a GIS application for Heartland Co-op to assist with work order dispatching. This custom web app allows dispatchers to group relative work orders into ‘batches’ and assign these batches to equipment in the field. This application gives the dispatcher the ability to perform several functions on work orders including viewing all relevant data on a map, filtering records, viewing the attributes, batching, assignment, and sequencing within batches. Utilizing the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Extensible framework and a custom API for communication to an IBM Db2 database, our engineers developed a widget that puts these features and tools in one location for the dispatchers at Heartland Co-op. The GIS application greatly improves workflow speed, data consistency, and visibility at all levels of management. This application was used throughout the peak fertilizing season with no reported issues. Geocgi is looking to the future with its partnership with Heartland Co-op and is planning enhancements to this application and the possible development of other GIS applications. Developments forthcoming include migrating some functionality found in this dispatch application to other web apps, including a historical work order viewer/analyzer. Let us know how we can help your organization with similar applications by sending an email to info@geocgi.com.