USMC Real Property Tool (GEOFi)

Published: June 20, 2024

With over 55,000 Real Property Assets (RPA) on more than 2.5 million acres of land spread throughout the world, managing an accurate real property inventory is a vital responsibility for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Having up-to-date RPA reporting enables strategic readiness, and improved sustainment, restoration, and modernization. GEOFidelis, the USMC Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S) Program, has played an essential role in the identification, tracking, and assessment of RPA data. With USMC RPA records stored in the Navy’s Internet Naval Facilities Assets Data Store (iNFADS), GEOFidelis has focused on reconciling errors and gaps between iNFADS records, corresponding geospatial features, and developing real-world assets.

To streamline the reconciliation process and to implement SDSIFIE-Q reconciliation metrics, geocgi and the GEOFidelis community developed the iNFADS-GIS Reconciliation Support (IGRS) Tool. The IGRS Tool compares tabular iNFADS records and GIS records and generates a collection of reports that describe discrepancies between the two. Installation personnel, including Real Property Accountability Officers (RPAO), and the IGI&S Office have leveraged the reports generated by the tool to identify data errors, measure cross-system integration, and quantify reconciliation progress.

Geocgi and GEOFidelis have further leveraged the information generated by the IGRS Tool to bolster quarterly Common Output Levels of Service (COLS) Performance Evaluations and feed enterprise web applications. Real property reconciliation and other programmatic metrics from the COLS evaluations are used to track data quality progress at each installation. With the aid of scripting, IGRS Tool outputs have been visualized and summarized within the Real Property Reconciliation (RPR) Application Suite hosted on the GEOFidelis ArcGIS Enterprise Portal. A set of web maps and dashboards, the RPR App Suite allows installation users to visually identify iNFADS to GIS discrepancies, communicate fixes with other users, and track reconciliation progress each quarter.

GEOFidelis and geocgi continue to collaborate on improving the IGRS Tool’s performance and capabilities, to provide the USMC IGI&S program with enhanced RPA tracking and reporting. The geocgi team plans to release a new version in 2024 that will refine discrepancy identification and increase processing speed by over 60%.

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