geospatial program management

program oversight and stewardship

geocgi personnel specialize in the establishment of strategic plans; the implementation of policies, procedures, and communication strategies; and the achievement of mission objectives. Related geospatial program management experience includes: ​

  • Strategic planning and alignment to funding sources
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Coordination of user requirements with system capabilities
  • Establishment and implementation of policies, procedures and standards
  • Data model development
  • Identification and implementation of program objectives, initiatives, and priorities
  • Risk analysis and identification
  • Conceptual system design, architecture, and technology recommendations
  • Return on investment and cost benefit analysis
  • Equipment and software portfolio management
  • Coordination of training activities

Geospatial information is increasingly being used for data driven decision making, resulting in a reliance on geospatial programs to store, manage, and disseminate relevant and accurate geospatial data to stakeholders. Effective geospatial program management facilitates a geospatially enabled environment.

Our principally GIS-focused service offerings ensure that we remain adept in the latest software and industry trends, resulting in innovative solutions for long term program success and viability.

geocgi supports the United States Marine Corps (USMC), U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Army GIS programs at the Headquarter, Region, and Installation levels – both Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) – leading to proficiency in all aspects of coordination and management of an enterprise geospatial program.