We pride ourselves on not losing our focus. We started out and remain GIS experts (or geeks. . . depending on your perspective). Since 2006, we’ve evolved into a world-class and world-wide service provider of multiple disciplines. We are a talented, hardworking group that share values and characteristics that drive client, professional, and personal success.

we are

Collaborators / Strategists / Globetrotters / Competitive / Loyal / Accountable / Equals / Pet-Friendly / A Somewhat Motley Crew / Honored to Do What We Do / Moving Forward (So Keep Up)

we aren't

Your Average Joes / Generalists / Greedy / Afraid to Speak Up / Hierarchical / Wizards / Mean / Entitled / Going to Waste Your Time / Party Poopers

For over a decade it has been an honor to serve the men and women who risk it all. The clients we serve have a mission that exceeds all others. We aid them through hard work, strategic execution, and a genuine concern for their business and their resources. We are proud to continually expand our service offerings while remaining true to our passion.

We’re a team with diverse interests and unique personalities that shares a love of GIS and a passion for entrepreneurship. And while we’re made up of more than our management team, these are the guys and gals that get paid to take your calls, so feel free to reach out.

management + administration team

Julie Christie


Questions the necessity of any meeting that isn’t a “lunch meeting”.

Andy Hanes

Vice President/OCONUS Programs Lead

Saving the world. . . one rescue animal at a time.

Adam Campbell

Director of Operations/Federal Programs Lead

Makes maps for weekend bar crawls.

P.G. Katsourakis

Director of Programs/Marine Corps Programs Lead

Photios George Katsourakis. DNA kit not required.

Ally McDonald

Director of Administration and Human Resources

More interested in what your dog did over the weekend.

Nathan Russell

Director of IT/IT Programs Lead

Fountain of useless knowledge.

Jason Thacker

Director of Business Development

Not sure if Burning Man is right for you? Ask Jason.

Jesse Parker

Solutions Manager

I’m not oblivious, I just don’t care.

Devon Thomas

Program Manager/Navy and Environmental Programs Lead

Big picture problem identifier. . .looking for volunteer solution identifiers.

Brent Patenge

sUAS Lead

+81 090 3796 1402

Knows the exact height at which grass becomes a terrorist threat.

Brendan Wesdock

Program and Operations Manager


Megan Massey

Operations Analyst


Will argue that a workday nap is a strategic recharge.

working with us

Our goal is to bring talented people together and create something that makes us all proud. We are friends and we are family. We look out for each other and our company culture and benefits are designed to reflect that.

We’ve got you covered

We want you happy and healthy - we cover 100% of employee medical, vision, and dental plan premiums. We also think it's never too early or too late to help you reach your long term financial goals, so we contribute 3% on top of your salary into your 401k - regardless of your contribution.

We’re Flexible

We want you to be motivated and engaged so we offer flexible hours along with opportunities to work remotely. Take time off when you need it and then come back refreshed and ready to crush it with your team.

We’re all about location

We are situated in one of the coolest, family friendly neighborhoods in the DC Metro area. Our office is accessible and walkable to public transportation, restaurants, and parks.

We’re Chill

We don't take ourselves too seriously and our office space reflects that. It is unique, comfortable, and a relaxing environment. Cook lunch in our full kitchen or on the grill out back. Bring your dog. Kick off your shoes - we've got slippers!

We’re into challenge and opportunity

We think it's important to never stop learning and growing. Take advantage of our tuition and continuing education reimbursements. Step outside of your box and take on a research and development project. Participate in our mentorship program. Attend a conference. Go and do!

We’re together

When we need a break, we throw darts or put together a spontaneous bbq. We have regular team lunches and happy hours too. In short, we love hanging out together and having a good time.

we've got openings

Think you’d be a good fit? Drop us a line!